36cm Jerky Drying Mesh/Teflon coated fibreglass/80cm 30" Masterbuilt Smoker


This 36cm piece is cut to fit in the 30" 80cm Masterbuilt Smoker. There is also the 49 cm Mesh for the 40" Smoker or if you require a mat to suit a different size, you can also buy by the centimetre - for custom sizes click here.


This is a great product for drying your Jerky in your oven, dehydrator or smoker. Use it in your Pizza Oven, Oven, BBQ, Smoker, Dehydrator or Weber.

This mesh is also perfect for use with the Banquet Bags as it reduces the size of the lumps on the outside of the bags where the meat may push through larger gaps in cake cooling screens etc while still allowing the air to pass through. The mesh is also great for BBQs & Pizza Ovens and gives you control over your cooking: no more losing kebabs, sausages or vegetables to the coals!

*food can be easily removed from the mesh without sticking

*better hot-air circulation so that the food does not have to be turned
*the 4 mm x 4 mm holes allow the steam to escape so that the food becomes crispy and crusty much more quickly 
*prevents food from going soggy
*the tray and sheet can simply be cleaned in soapy water or in a dishwasher 
*freezer-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe
*reusable for many years
*heat-resistant up to 260ºC / 500ºF

Smoked and Cured offers a wide variety of beef jerky making supplies for retail and wholesale customers.


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  • why you should try this teflon mesh

    Posted by Warren Mason on 12th Sep 2013


    Like a lot people no doubt , I was getting frustrated when laying out my jerky strips ready for smoking , having to spray the racks , trying to stop the strips from falling through the racks especially when putting them in the smoker that is until I thought of giving this mesh a try . Believe me they were the answer to the above hassles and not only that it did not seem to take as long to get the job done , and guess what , absolutely no sticking , with minimal mess on the actual sheets and the racks still clean . what a bonus ! If your thinking about giving the mesh a go don't hesitate you won't regret . Warren.

See All 1 Customer’s Review