Alaskan Salmon Brine Mix


Specially formulated to not only enhance but bring out the natural flavour of fresh fish, especially good with Trout. The perfect way to prepare fish prior to cooking, whether it be grilled, roasted, steamed or smoked.

One box of brine contains enough mix to make up to 8.0 litres of brine, allowing you to make up the right amount for your immediate needs.


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  • Tasty

    Posted by Colin Penrose on 15th Feb 2018


    This product was used as per the directions. The result was a very tasty salmon. I hot smoked it after brining and I was very satisfied with the results.

  • I didnt know it would be so easy

    Posted by Luke Kirkby on 8th May 2017


    I began making smoked salmon and trout using this brine having never used a brine before. I couldn't believe how much this product enhanced the flavour. The first piece i tried straight out of the smoker was that good i didn't even ask my wife to try :)

  • best brine

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2014


    This is the best brine mix I have used to date does well with Brown and Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon as well as some salt water fish leaves a light colour on the fillets which remains when smoked the taste is sutle when hot and remains the same when cool hold flavor after a couple of days in the fridge
    friends say it is the best taste

See All 3 Customer’s Reviews