All Natural Hog/Pig Sausage Casings - Size 36 - Home Pack


These all natural hog or pig intestine casings are made and processed in Australia to Australian food standards.

This pack contains around 20 metres of casing and will fill approx 12kgs of sausage.

Hog casings make the best eating and cooking sausage, these skins will expand and contract during cooking which almost eliminates the chance of bursting.

It is always best to cook a snag on a lower, slower temperature to avoid the potential of bursting.

These sausage casings are suitable for a larger continental size sausage like a Bratwurst and come packed in salt. Once opened you simply need to keep them refrigerated in the food grade zip lock pouch they come in and keep them salted and moist. Storing them this way will ensure that they remain good quality for a very long time.

USAGE: Simply pull out the quantity that you feel you might need and soak them in water for several hours to rinse off the salt and rehydrate the casings. Run water through them, using the end of your tap. If you have some remaining when you have finished making sausages just re-salt them and put them back in the bag in the fridge.






IMPORTANT:Making salami and other dry aged or air-dried meats requires significant care, diligence and responsibility. Results can vary significantly and can potentially not be safe for consumption due to various factors such as method of production, quality of meat, cleanliness of equipment and working environment, drying conditions, molds and general hygiene. Smoked and Cured Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for the outcome of meat products made by our customers. We recommend to always follow a trusted recipe precisely.


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  • Hog casings

    Posted by Shane on 27th Oct 2019


    I’ve been scared up until now to use real casings as I was told that they were too hard to use, exact opposite, these were very easy to use and with the Kransky mix I got a fantastic result.

  • Size 36 sausage casings

    Posted by Maria Jelic on 30th Aug 2019


    Have not had any issues with these casings breaking whilst filling them as opposed to others I have had.

  • Yes

    Posted by David Ali on 7th Jun 2019


    Very good.

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