Bacon or Rib Hanger - 8 Prong


The Misty Gully Bacon or Rib Hanger is a high quality stainless steel 8 pronged accessory that makes life easier when you want to smoke racks of ribs or bacon. It's a very handy way to get the most room in your smoker and has very sharp prongs. Made in the USA.

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  • Bacon Hanger

    Posted by Trevor King on 29th Mar 2019


    Use Them For Smoking Whole Fish They Work Perfectly

  • Bacon hanger

    Posted by Chris Towner on 18th Aug 2018


    Purchased one of the bacon hangers and used it to hang my second batch of homemade bacon and it work great will be buying more in the future.

  • New to smoking

    Posted by Lesley Gurney on 11th Apr 2016


    The bacon and rib hanger worked perfectly. As I have not used any other type it is not possible to compare so perhaps a 5 rating may be possible. The sharp prongs made it easy to attach the pork.

See All 3 Customer’s Reviews