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BANQUET BAGS® - Dry Aged Steak & Charcuterie

The Banquet bags for Aging and Charcuterie are manufactured using a special technology that allows the inside of the bag to bond with the proteins in the meat and creates the perfect environment for aging and drying. You will find more detailed information in the Product pages at the top of your browser pane.

"Banquet Bags®" - range includes solutions for Dry Aging and Charcuterie. These are two different products. You can of course use the Dry Age bags for cured meats, however our Charcuterie bag is a product that was specifically developed for cured meats and will allow your meats to dry more quickly as it is a finer, more porous bag and can be used in a smoker as well - this Charcuterie Bag is unique to Misty Gully. Other charcuterie ageing bags are too thick and do not allow smoke to permeate during the ageing process.

We also have a Salami Casing Banquet Bag that is a replacement for Fibrous casings. It is cheaper and easier to use. You use it in a similar way to Fibrous by tying off each end with twine or our salami ties with rings for hanging. No need to wait for winter! Now you can make your own Salami safely, 365 days a year in your own refrigerator!

Please download the instructions or contact us for more information!