Banquet Bags - Dry Aged Steak - Medium


The Perfect Dry Aged Steak at home

MEDIUM = 300x600mm

Each pack contains 6 bags


MINI = 250x300mm   SMALL = 350x350mm   MEDIUM = 300x600mm  LARGE = 400x800mm

With Misty Gully Banquet Bags, you can safely and easily start dry ageing steaks at home today.

Why dry age meat? It's simple... Flavour! Meat aged for around 21 days will develop a depth of flavour and texture that will improve it dramatically. You can turn a sub prime piece of beef into something amazing. And unlike ordering at a restaurant, you wont be forking out $75 a pop! The key effect of dry aging is the concentration and saturation of the natural flavour, as well as the tenderization of the meat texture. The process changes beef by two means. Firstly, moisture is evaporated from the muscle. The resulting process of desiccation creates a greater concentration of beef flavour and taste. Secondly, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, which leads to more tender beef.

It's easy to do and will change the way you eat meat at home forever.

* Vacuum Sealer required (or a friendly butcher who'll seal for you) *


Product Reviews

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  • Dry age bags

    Posted by David Hart on 23rd Nov 2019


    These bags are the best i've used! If your using them for the first time be sure to get some extra channel helper. Don't be to worried if you cant get all the air out, you can always run some extra butchers twine around the outside of the bag to get closer contact with the meat.

  • Great easy way to create dry aged beef

    Posted by Graeme Wagener on 1st Oct 2018


    Not easy to use the first couple of times with the vaccuum but once you get the hang of it no problems

  • Dry Ageing at Home just Got Easier!

    Posted by Glenn on 5th Nov 2017


    A friend put me onto these and I'm hooked!
    A little tricky at first but then you quickly get the hang of it!
    I will be trying lots of different cuts now in my normal fridge!
    Until I have to buy another fridge just to accomodate all my dry age and charcuterie LOL

See All 3 Customer’s Reviews