Camerons Mini Stovetop Smoker


The Camerons Mini Stovetop Smoker is the perfect solution for smoking indoors!

These can be used outside on your BBQ as well.

Camerons Mini Smoker specially designed for "cooking for two", apartment smoking, and the gourmet cook for preparing smaller quantities of items like garlic, tomatoes, peppers or salt to add to special recipe preparation.
Size 7" x 11" x 3.5 "
*Brings food smoking indoors for perfect flavour infusion
*Healthy cooking - no added salts, fats, oil or other flavourings need to be added
*Smokes and cooks at the same time
*Use on any heat source - gas, electric, flat top or infusion, sterno, grill or camp fire
*Food cooks in it's own juices - keeps extremely moist
*Stainless Steel construction with a fold over the top handle for easy storage

Gourmet Mini Smoker
Hot smoke in minutes right on your own stove top. Prepare delicious moist smoke flavoured dishes quickly and without fuss. Smoke salmon, chicken, meats, and vegetables with your choice of wood chips. Perfect for a small family or a special dinner for two.

This Mini Smoker works exactly like the Original larger one, but is half the size. At 7 x 11 inches it is great for cooking for two, or for the smaller things you want to infuse with the smoky flavour. 


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Product Reviews

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  • Camerons Mini Stovetop Smoker

    Posted by Mandy on 25th Jun 2019


    So addicted to how simple this is to use and how great the flavours are by just using a little amount of woodchip:)

  • Great product!

    Posted by Rita on 26th Sep 2015


    This small smoker is perfect for us, especially because we live in an apartment. Have used it once so far and the meat came out very flavourful, smoked for about 30 mins. Can't wait to smoke more meats, really love this product! And thank you for the speedy delivery :)

See All 2 Customer’s Reviews