Char Crust - Hickory & Molasses

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DISCOUNTED: Please note this product is just past it's BEST BEFORE date: Jan 18 - the product is  still 100% good to use and tastes great!

Deep, rich molasses. Not too sweet. Tangos on your tongue with natural hickory grilled flavor. Pair this award-winning rub with pork (tenderloin, chops, or roasts), chicken, turkey, or green beans for smoky, low-fat flavour. These seasonings are so pure and go such a long way, you don't need to use a lot so these retail packs will last you for many many memorable meals. 113gms / 4 oz  

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  • Hickory and Molasses

    Posted by Pat on 22nd Oct 2015


    This is the second batch of this Char Crust. Love the taste it gives to the meats wether grilled, fried, or on the barbie.

See All 1 Customer’s Review