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Most of us never knew how important it was to measure the internal temperature of the meat that we were cooking until the Food Authorities started making a big deal of it.

Now that we know why, we want to know how and the best way is to use a Digital Probe Thermometer that allows you to put the probe into the meat for the whole time it is cooking and then, when you take it out.

This Dual Probe Digital Thermometer allows you to monitor the meat at the same time as monitoring your oven/bbq/smoker internal temperature and will sound an alarm when your meat reaches the required temperature. It can be set to sound an alarm 5 degrees before it reaches that temperature so you can, if you desire, take it out and allow the temperature to keep rising outside of the cooker fully monitored in your choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Not only will it sound an alarm, but you can be inside your house while your bbq or smoker is cooking away and you can monitor it using the REMOTE so you can continue your busy day without having to regularly check the meat. Batteries are included so you can use it straight away.

Some tips when cooking your meat:

* Allow your meat to reach room temperature before you put it in to cook, this will allow for a much more even cook as the inside will warm at a similar speed to the outside, instead of it being chilled and taking longer, giving the potential for being under cooked inside.

* Your meat will continue to cook once you take it out of the oven, around 5 degrees increase is not uncommon.

* It is quite normal for the internal temperature to reach a plateau where it can stay for a long period before starting to move upwards again.

* Once it reaches the correct internal temperature, wrap it in foil and allow it to cook for another hour or more in your oven, this is particularly good for Roast Pork, Lamb and Beef as it will give you that fall off the bone finish and will remain moist.

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  • Maverick dual probe digital thermometer

    Posted by Allan on 24th Feb 2016


    Works really well. Allows you to monitor both the smoker and food temperatures without having to open the smoker. Extremely useful remote monitor, so you can leave the smoker and still know exactly what is happening. Accuracy and quality are both very good, and the units are easy to use. Just make sure you read and understand the instructions BEFORE you put everything in the smoker.

See All 1 Customer’s Review