Everglades Seasoning (450g)


This Everglades Seasoning is a MUST TRY for any Low & Slow enthusiasts in Australia.

Doubling as a rub and natural meat tenderiser, this all-purpose seasoning made with exotic Everglades grasses and sea salt will add authentic Southern flavour to your food. This seasoning can be used on just about anything! Try it on chicken, beef, lamb, roasted veggies or even fries. 

Use before, during or after cooking.

Product Reviews

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  • The best venison seasoning

    Posted by Jace on 1st Mar 2019


    This is the best seasoning I've found for wild game. It's especially good for venison. Would recommend to everyone.

  • Evergldes Original

    Posted by luke debrincat on 2nd Aug 2018


    Im a big fan of deer meat for dinner so when i found this stuff in Aus i was over the moon but a little skeptical of the taste. I now use this with alot of my recipes and it has literally taken over all other spices in the cabinet, i'm just glad it comes in half kg tub lol!

  • Just like DMFD recommended!

    Posted by sanh on 4th May 2018


    Rob Arrington was able to talk about this nonstop so I had to give it a try - no regrets!

See All 7 Customer’s Reviews