Everglades Seasoning (450g)


Smoked & Cured are proud to introduce to you this AMAZING rub...

Winner of several 'Best BBQ Rubs' in 2016 - a MUST TRY for any Low & Slow enthusiast in Australia.


Doubling as a rub and natural meat tenderizer, this all-purpose seasoning made with exotic Everglades grasses and sea salt will add authentic Southern flavor to your food.

Use before, during or after cooking.

Product Reviews

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  • Just like DMFD recommended!

    Posted by sanh on 4th May 2018


    Rob Arrington was able to talk about this nonstop so I had to give it a try - no regrets!

  • looking forward to more testing

    Posted by Trevor on 22nd Apr 2018


    this stuff is just awesome , after watching deer meat for diner on youtube i just had to get some of this and try it , i want to get the whole range of everglades products :)

  • Very Happy

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Dec 2017


    My partner is obsessed with some people on YouTube that use this & so I bought it for him to try. He cooks all the time now & everything tastes great! Happy to pay $30 for spices many more times if he keeps cooking for me!

See All 5 Customer’s Reviews