FAQ - Masterbuilt

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the Masterbuilt Smoker's electric specifications?  

The Australian Masterbuilt smoker is 240V and has been modified to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Standards.

The 30"/80cm smoker runs an 800W element - 40"/100cm runs a 1200W element. The element will be activated when you first start up the smoker and will bring it up to the set temp and will cycle on and off to keep the temp as set, you may experience a brief 2-3 degree slip either way during the cycling. You may also experience a temp spike when you put the wood in. 

Where should I use my smoker?  

The smoker is intended for outdoor use, wheeled out into your backyard or preferably on a covered deck or in a shed etc. You can of course use your smoker inside as long as you have a really good extraction fan etc. You can also use your smoker on a wooden surface. 

How should I clean my smoker?  

You should never use strong cleaners or excess water to clean the inside of the smoker. If you ensure that you wipe the smoker over after each use and making sure that no burnt food or creosote builds up in any areas will ensure that you don't experience any issues. Keeping the inside of the smoker dry after use is important, it will stop any issues with mould. You should make sure the damper is fully open and you leave the door open slightly before you put the smoker cover on. Sugar soap will help to keep the window clean but make sure you wipe it clean. It can also be beneficial to use foil to cover the exposed cover over the element/wood chip area and change it over if it gets burnt food drips on it.

What type of wood do you recommend we use and how often should I put wood in?  

Wood Chips or Wood Pellets are ideal wood product to use. Wood flavouring is up to your preference but the rule of thumb is that you use Fruit or Nut trees with white to pink meats and Hardwoods with red meats. Wood Pellets last longer, create a purer smoke and you use less. We do not recommend using dust as it will burn up very fast and will not last long.

We recommend that you only put your smoking wood into the chip holder after the smoker has reached temperature and the heating light has turned off. You only need to add wood chips once in most cases in the first 20 minutes or so, it should last for around 1 hour or so. You will find that once the meat has started to cook it will seal in the juices and the smoke flavour that will continue to be absorbed into your meat. If you keep on adding smoke after that point it will build up on the outside of the meat and will make it very strong. 

Click here for a flavour guide.

Should I soak my wood chips?  

We do recommend soaking your chips for at least 12 hours prior to use although it is not essential. Soaked (not dripping) wood chips will last longer and will produce more smoke. 

Can I use the smoker without smoke?

Yes, simply do not add any wood to the side chip loader. You can use your smoker as a slow cooker or for proving bread or home brews. 

What is the purpose of the water pan and how do I use it?

The water pan should always be in position when the smoker is in use. However, it is your preference if you want to use it. It’s purpose is to help retain moisture in the food during the smoking process. You would add about a cup of liquid to the water pan at start up and every hour or as needed during use. Liquid can be water or any juice etc you may like for flavouring, please make sure you do NOT leave any liquid that has an acid base like wine or juice etc for extended periods of time. We recommend that you line the water bowl with foil to help to make clean up easier.

What does the drip pan do?

The drip pan at the bottom of the smoker will collect any excess moisture that drips past the water bowl and runs down the inside of the front of the door. Ensure that the smoker is tilted backward so that the excess moisture will run to the back of the smoker, out of the hole and into the catch pot that hangs off the back of the smoker. Covering the drip tray with foil will help with clean up as well.

What is the purpose of the air damper?

The air damper helps to control your moisture loss and heat & smoke circulation. You should always have the air damper slightly open if not open completely. Leave it open fully for drying food like Jerky etc and nearly closed for large pieces of meat like bacon or roasts etc. 

The USA forums talk about issues with the element in the Masterbuilt Smokers, is this a problem with the Australian Smokers?

No, the Australian Masterbuilt smoker has been made specifically for Australia and comes with a 240V element, the smokers in the States use a 110V element that is totally different. In the many years that we have been selling these smokers we have experienced very few problems with the element and any that have failed have been replaced during the 18 month warranty period for free.

The unit is not producing much smoke?  

How hot is the unit getting? What temperature do you have the unit set on? The unit needs to be at at least 80 degrees celsius to generate smoke. All electric smokers use the electric element to produce the heat for cooking and to smoulder the wood product. If you require a cold smoke please consider adding the AMAZEN cold smoke generator to your Masterbuilt Smoker. Placed in the Masterbuilt smoker you can turn it on and monitor the internal temperature and also utilise the design that provides great air/smoke circulation inside.

Smoke is coming out from around the door area?  

This is normal within reason as long as your door seal is in good repair with no tears. If you find that too much smoke is escaping, tighten the nut on the adjustable door latch and/or the top hinge.

How long should I cook the meat?

The length of the cooking time totally depends on the type of meat you are cooking. The best and safest way to determine when your meat is ready is to monitor the internal temperature of the meat at the thickest part. You can do this with a meat thermometer. As a rule, red meats need to exceed 60 degrees celsius and white meat 65 degrees celsius. You will find that they will keep cooking once they have reached this temperature, and you have removed them from the oven.

Is there be a larger model of the smoker?

Yes, we currently have a 40"/100cm model that is taller and wider than the standard Masterbuilt smoker. We had the 100cm smoker made for us with a stainless steel lining, it also comes with several other features, internal built-in meat probe, light, remote control, wheels and a handle. You can monitor/adjust the temp of the smoker and monitor the internal temp of the meat via the remote control. Unlike the smaller 80cm model the 100cm model comes as standard without a window in the door, this is due to this smoker being intended for the commercial market. You can find more details on this smoker in the online store. 

Can I use the smoker to dry meat and vegetables etc?  

Yes, you can. The Masterbuilt smoker is great for making Jerky, you can also use it at the low temperatures to smoke and dry foods like Tomatoes and Chillies and Capsicums.

Do you have spare parts for the smokers?  

Yes, we do.

Where is the Masterbuilt Smoker made?  

The Masterbuilt smoker has been manufactured specifically for Misty Gully in the Masterbuilt factory in China. Masterbuilt have their own branch of staff based in China that oversees all of the manufacturing and they work with us to ensure that we have a smoker that is worthy of the Masterbuilt and the Misty Gully name.