Guten 50L Micro Brewery


The Guten 50L Micro Brewery system is an easy to use, all in one brewing package. The 50L has a 52L kettle capacity and can provide enough room and power to do a 'double batch' of 45L. 

This beer brewing system is fast, reliable and compact, making it easy to enjoy all-grain brewing. All-grain brewing gives a more authentic, whole beer taste than using liquid or dry malt extracts. 

The Guten can mash, filter and boil all in the one machine and its stainless steel construction means it will last the long term. The digital controller attached allows brewers to monitor and control the process, with nine different alarm settings and the capacity for nine different brewing recipes. It also features an integrated malt pipe with adjustable stainless steel malt screens to eliminate the need for a separate filtering tank.