Hi Mountain Jerky Cure & Seasoning - Jalapeno


For those of you who like a light heat and spice, this flavour of Green Jalapeno Jerky Seasoning and Cure will be sure to please you. 

Hi Mountain Jerky Seasonings are renowned for being some of the best Jerky Cure and Seasoning kits. We have an extensive variety of flavours but if you can't decide, we also have two Variety Packs, each with 5 different flavours.

Use our kits to make jerky from beef, wild game, poultry, fish, or any meat of your choice. This jerky seasoning flavour will season approximately 15lbs or 7kg of meat.

Cut the jerky meat by hand or for quicker and easier preparation use the Jerky Cutting Board and KnifeYou can also pair the jerky seasoning with the Hi Mountain Jerky Gun to make full flavoured minced meat jerky sticks.

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  • jalapeno taste without the intense heat= warm heat after eating

    Posted by adam on 30th Apr 2018


    this is a great seasoning with that jalapeno taste but not an intense heat i would recommend this flavor to those that want that medium to hot flavor but still trying to aim for a medium

See All 1 Customer’s Review