Liquid Smoke Bulk 20L


Hickory provides a strong but mellow smoke flavour and is considered to be great on any meat but is particularly great on Red meats and Pork.

Mesquite is a stronger flavour and is also suitable on any meat.

Apple is a milder smoke that is commonly used on white to pink meats, Fish, Chicken and Pork.

Outback Campfire has a typically Australian campfire type smoke that also has Caramel to add colour as well as flavour. The Caramel colour is particularly good for BBQ sauces etc that need that rich brown colouring.

The Hickory, Mesquite and Apple will not provide much of a colour change.

These Liquid Smoke products can be used in foods or on foods making them a great addition to Sausages and Jerky. You can add Liquid smoke to any food including sauces, or a light spray on your BBQ meats and add to soups.

Eliminates the need for the smoking process as the flavour is added during the curing, drying or manufacturing stage.

This 20 Litre size comes in a Jerry can.

Our Liquid Smoke is to be considered as an essence and only a few drops is required to achieve a smokey flavour in meals and a few sprays on steaks or roasts.

1 Litre, 5 Litre and 10 Litre options available.

(manufactured from local and imported ingredients)