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Designed for Pellet Grills...

LUMBER JACK PREMIUM WOOD PELLETS 9kg bags (20lb)(Great Lakes Renewable Energy) - GLRE are members of the USA National BBQ Pellets Association and adhere to the voluntary guidelines for manufacturer of food smoking pellets.

These pellets are made specifically for the Food Smoking Enthusiast and are of such high quality that they are the pellet of choice for MANY of the pellet grill teams and BBQ teams in the United States. Low Ash and High Heat and great flavour.

Lumber Jack Smoking Wood Pellets are manufactured from renewable timber sources into pellets that are 5mm in diameter making them perfect for Pellet Grills as they reduce the chance of jamming as they flow much better than the commonly available 6mm pellets.

There are several smoking wood pellet brands manufactured in the USA and some are made with blends of wood with primarily Oak as a 100% carrier of oils and flavourings to give them the ability to call them "Hickory" or "Apple".

Many of the cheaper/lower quality brands include bark as part of the mix, you may ask why is that a problem, when you burn chips and chunks for smoke you leave the bark on. Well just as you find in your fireplace or a camp fire bark creates ash and when you are cooking in a pellet grill ash is your enemy as the fan that is used to create the heat on the pellets also blows around the ash that ends up on your food. The Lumber Jack pellets do not include bark in the blend and thus you end up with less ash.

There are also many misconceptions when it comes to wood pellets that a blended wood pellet is a bad thing, well it is not, as there are several reasons as to why it is not only necessary to blend but in many cases it is preferable.

Quite often Oak is used as the binding wood by necessity for some hardwoods that do not have enough of their own lignens to hold a pellet together. You will find that these pellets are commonly called by the name of the lower % of wood as that wood is usually the stronger of the two flavours ie: Hickory & Mesquite etc. But the main reason wood like pure 100%  Hickory is blended with Oak is due to the wood smoke that comes off 100% Hickory is in the main too strong for the unitiated smoker to balance correctly and they can very easily over do the smoke and ruin a great meal.

The Lumber Jack range of pellets that we have imported are a mix of 100% woods and blended woods and also some blended mixes that have been proven to work really well together to meet specific cooking requirements. We are being fully transparent with the make up of the Lumber Jack wood pellets so that you fully understand what you are buying and why they are made that way.

100% wood pellets are quite often used with another flavour pellet as a blended mix as they are too strong on their own so they are perfect for the smoking enthusiast who knows exactly what he wants out of his pellet blend.

Blended mixes and blended pellets are perfect for those who want a tried and trusted blend that will give them a great result every time.

And for those who are adventurous we also have two Spice mix blends to give an added edge of flavour that can only be achieved when you smoulder a herb or spice. The herbs and spices are embedded in the pellet mix, not added using an oil, it is the actual ingredient.

The following are what we currently have in stock, if you wander through the website and find something that you would love to try please let us know and we will get it in for you next time we order.

100% Pure Flavour wood -  Hickory, Cherry, Maple, Oak

Blended Mixes (1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3)   OHC = Apple, Hickory & Cherry  -  MBC = Maple, Beech & Cherry  -

Blended  -  Hickory , Apple  (60% Red Oak/40% Flavour Wood)

Spice Blends  -   Mexican Heat & Italian Garlic (Available in a separate listing due to higher price point)


And for those that need to know the technical data on the pellets:  Moisture Total <6%    Ash By Weight <2%    % Fines <.05

Premium grade pellet fuel (less than 1% ash content) is usually
produced from hardwood or softwood sawdust containing no tree
bark. Ash content varies in premium fuels from about .3% for some
western softwoods to about .7% for eastern hardwoods. Less ash
means more fuel per pellet.

Premium pellets, which make up over 65% of our current pellet
production, can generally be burned in stoves calling for either
standard or premium fuel. Increased availability of standard fuel is
anticipated as stove designs continue in maintenance frequency.
Expect the heat content for a pound of premium pellets to range
between 8,000 and 9,000 Btu per pound, depending on the species
and region of the country.

Standard grade pellet fuel (up to 3% ash content) is usually derived
from materials which result in more residual ash, such as sawdust
containing tree bark.






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  • Lumberjack pellets

    Posted by Cale Peters on 4th Nov 2018


    Good product and very prompt delivery.

  • Lumberjack Smoking pellets

    Posted by Stephen on 8th Sep 2018


    Great product, well priced when compared to competitors, and the flat rate delivery fee is excellent value.

    I’ve taken delivery of 8 bags, four different pellet types. Only tried the Oak/Hickory/Cherry one to date.

    Work extremely well on my Yoder 640. No complaints, give them a go!

  • Great valiue for 9KG of pallets.will enjoy using these

    Posted by Norm on 3rd Sep 2018


    Also very fast shipping.

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