Masterbuilt 40" / 100cm GEN 2 Electric Smoker / FOLD UP SHELF


This is a great NEW addition to the Masterbuilt smoker range. (available late October with the shipment of the New 40" Gen 2 smokers)

Before the new generation of smokers were designed we were asked what features we wanted, a fold up shelf was one of the first things on our list.

The Gen 2 smoker has a completely flat top (the controller is now pushed to the front and the damper is on the side) which frees it up for putting things on, but when you add the fold up shelf it opens it up to a massive space that gives you somewhere to put your woods and your tools and the meat before and after it is cooked. It is a great addition to your smoking set up.

This shelf is designed to be attached using the handle and door hinge fitting points, so it is specific to the Gen 2, however with a little bit of modification you can attach it to the Gen 1 smoker, but you will need to drill a hole in the front corner, there is a video on You Tube where someone has done just this. This inventive person is also going to be adding a second shelf to the right hand side of his smoker to give it a massive table top finish, very handy indeed.