Misty Gully Liquid Smoke Outback Campfire (210ml)


Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly

Manufactured in Australia from a blend of several different species to give you just the right amount of smokey flavour to suit your cooking needs.

This particular blend has a very mellow smoke flavour with an added highlight of caramel (vegan friendly) that gives it the added ability to provide a slight warm brown coloured glaze to the surface of your meats making it very useful as a browning agent as well as providing a char grilled campfire flavour. You can spray it on your roasts prior to and during cooking, particularly good for roast chickens and for a fantastic unique finish to Pork crackling.

Also gives sausages and salamis a great rich colour and smokey flavour. Great in sauces as well. It is a slightly thicker product than the Hickory Liquid Smoke giving it added sustainability as it sticks and gives an even coating.

These Liquid Smoke products can be used in foods or on foods making them a great addition to Sausages & Jerky. You can add Liquid smoke to any food including sauces, or spray on your BBQ meats and add to soups.

Eliminates the need for the smoking process as the flavour is added during the curing, drying or manufacturing stage.

Like an essence, only a few drops is required to achieve a smokey flavour in meals and a few sprays on steaks or roasts.


(manufactured from local and imported ingredients)

Product Reviews

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  • Great product

    Posted by Rell Oliver on 19th Feb 2018


    I love using this in my cooking. Great taste.

  • So good!

    Posted by Blake on 28th Dec 2017


    Exactly what I was hoping! Tastes amazing, thank you!

  • Can't get enough!

    Posted by Kim on 2nd Nov 2017


    If I wasn't impressed enough with the informative and easy to use website and subsequent quick delivery of my order, I was certainly bowled over with the taste of the product. I ordered the Misty Gully Liquid Smoke Outback Campfire and have used it to enhance the flavour of bbq tofu, fried rice and even leftover curry(odd, but true!) and each and every one was delish! It is so concentrated that I only use the handle end of a spoon dipped into the bottle...literally a few drops, and it imparts all the flavour I could want. I love this product and couldn't be happier with the fact that it is locally made, a good price and simply fabulous! Thanks for making my week, guys!

See All 13 Customer’s Reviews