Mojobrick - BBQ Chunks - 28 pack


Mojobricks are used by highly successful BBQ competition teams in the USA with their electric, gas, pellet and charcoal grills to add that extra level of smokey flavour.

Use these charcoal bbq chunks instead of a solid wood chunk for that extra smoke infusion and depth of flavour. Visit for usage ideas and recipes

Made from natural hardwood -NO BINDER – NO CHEMICALS ADDED – THE POLYMER IS ORGANIC, MOJOBRICKS BAR-B-QUBES ARE CONCENTRATED FORMS OF WOOD FOR SMOKE FLAVOUR. Less is more – because its concentrated you only need a little. You need less space to store it and less time to prepare it!

Bulk wood chunk quantities are available for foodservice customers.

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  • mojo bricks/cubes

    Posted by mike on 18th Jul 2016


    Using a pellet smoker, I sometimes don't get as much smoke flavour infused into the meat.
    After seeing an online review I figured if check them out. Smoke and cured had them in stock tried a sample pack and after one cook, I got online anga in and bought a whole box. Just received my second box last week. I won't cook without them in the pellet smoker.

See All 1 Customer’s Review