Outdoor Edge DVD- Advanced Wild Game Processing Vol. 4: Jerky

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Outdoor Edge - Advanced Wild Game Processing Volume 4 - Jerky

This DVD is a helpful guide on how to make jerky at home at home in your smoker or oven.

Learn to make a variety of delicious jerky in your home smoker or oven. How to completely debone a Whitetail deer and select which primary muscles are best suited for whole muscle and restructured jerky.

Includes advanced principles that give an understanding on how salts, sugars, binders, preservatives and spices interact with meat proteins to flavour smoked and fresh meat. Learn and understand the operation of home smokers and how relative humidity, surface moisture, heat and final internal temperatures affect the quality of your smoked meats.

Detailed information on how to make whole muscle,  restructured, nuggets, sectioned and formed, smoked jerky and African Biltong.