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Smoking made easy in a tri-level aluminum foil bag with alder flavored wood chips to give the perfect flavor every time in the oven, on the gas or charcoal grill, a hot plate, campfire or on Camerons Grills. Recyclable with no clean up. Comes with full instructions and recipes.

Follow the directions on the cover of the bag for oven or grill cooking. Always start the cooking with a high heat for 10 minutes to get the wood to smoke in the bag, and then turn the temperature down to finish the cooking.

The heat must come from directly underneath the smoker bag for best results.

No oil or fat should be added.

Alder Bags are the mildest and are best used for fish or vegetables.

The Smoker Bags are made of

  • Tri-level aluminum foil construction.
  • Bottom layer “THIS SIDE DOWN” holds all specifically ground and measured wood chips and tree syrup sugars to hold them in place.
  • Middle layer has tiny perforations to allow flavor infusion into the food.
  • Top layer covers the food and is folded over to hold in the flavor.
  • Wood chips are measured to give perfect results every time.
  • Full instructions and recipes are on the smoker bag wrapper.
  • Use in oven, on the grill, gas or charcoal, a hot plate, campfire or on Camerons Grills.
  • Recyclable.
  • Absolutely no mess food preparation with no cleanup.

Make sure you keep a few in stock for when those unexpected guests arrive.

Designed and manufactured in Finland.


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