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Smokin’ Wedgie

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Inspired by the Lumber Jack Range of Smoking Wood Pellets this simple little device will give you a few hours of heavy cold smoke.

As its name implies, you simply wedge it snuggly into the corner of your Pellet Grill, BBQ, Weber or anything that will hold smoke and you will set up the perfect environment for adding a smokey flavour to your cooking.

Simply fill to the brim with your favourite Lumber Jack Smoking Wood Pellets, light through one or both holes with a small butane torch, leave the lid off for a little while to allow enough air for the smoulder to spread, then place in position. If you are using it in an airtight situation, like all cold smoke generators you will need to leave the lid slightly ajar so the smoulder does not smother.

Measures:  23 x 15 x 5 cm

Material: Stainless Steel

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