Ro 'N' Slow - 'Nice Butt' BBQ Pork Sauce


Small batch, 100% Tasmanian made competition BBQ sauce! - 250mL bottle


​All Ro 'n' Slow BBQ Sauces and Rubs are tried and tested in competition and are proudly 100% Tasmanian made. Where possible Ro 'n' Slow use local ingredients and support local producers and manufacturers. The difference between Ro 'n' Slow BBQ sauces and the other commercially available sauces is the smoking process. Our key ingredients are smoked over a wood fire using Tasmanian Cherry wood, which gives the sauces a distinct Smokey flavour profile.


Nice Butt - BBQ Pork Sauce

​"Definitely the pick of the bunch! Our Pork sauce has real Tasmanian smoked apples as a base, mixed with the slightest hint of heat, giving you a sweet, fruity, heat on your Pork. This sauce, combined with our Pork rub, has seen us take out 1st Place in both Tasmanian BBQ competitions in 2017."