Salami Rings Gun


Trying to hold your Salami at the same time as tying off the string at the open end is a learned skill, most of the time we end up with it looser than we would have liked.

So we went looking for a solution and found a great product that not only makes the tying off so much easier but also supplied us with an easy way to hang them either via a string or a butchers hook.

Simply feed the end of this fastener through the hole and pull slightly, then place the loop that you made over the end of your salami and pull the tail tighter until it is snug on the end of your salami. Then twist the end of your salami casing tighter and then tighten the fastener once more using this gun by placing the tail into the opening and squeeze the handle, keep on going until it is as tight as you want it to be. Then your salami is ready to hang.

We also have Salami fasteners available in this store with a convenient hanging hole, this gun is especially good for people who might not have the hand strength that they may have once been used to due to arthritis etc.