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Smoke Daddy Cold Smoker FAQ's

Q)   Which Smoke Daddy is right for my application?

-After years of selling the cold smoke generators, we have found that the Big Kahuna and Magnum P.I.G. are the most popular sizes and produce the best results.  For applications that are refrigerator size and smaller, we recommend the Big Kahuna.  For applications larger than a refrigerator and for pellet grills, we recommend the Magnum P.I.G.  The Magnum P.I.G. lasts longer and produces a higher quantity of smoke. 

Q)   What kind of fuel should I use in my Smoke Daddy?

-The Smoke Daddy’s were designed to use wood chips and wood chunks.  Now, many people like to use wood pellets, although pellets seem to choke off the air flow (which is why we developed the baffle with each Smoke Daddy).  We recommend starting it from the bottom with some hardwood charcoal to get a good hot burn, then adding wood chips / chunks on top.  For best results, make sure you have a good hot burn with plenty of airflow through your Smoke Daddy.

Q)   How do I avoid buildup within my Smoke Daddy?

-Excess buildup is due to a low temperature burn and use of small wood chips and pellets (restricting airflow).  This is why we recommend starting it with some hardwood charcoal and using the spring baffle in order to increase the airflow for a hotter burn.  If it is burning properly, you will not experience excess buildup.  Although, since there is burning wood in a small enclosed space, there will be some build up, where there is smoke there will always be creosote/soot. Ensuring your smoking woods are bone dry will also assist with a cleaner hotter smoulder.

Q)   What’s the best way to clean the Smoke Daddy?

-We recommend that you clean out the Smoke Daddy every once in a while, not necessarily after every use.  The easiest way would be to rinse out any excess ash and to submerge the Smoke Daddy in luke-warm water with sugar soap and soak overnight.  Then simply clean the inside of the canister with an Steelo soap pad and remove any soapy residue.  In addition, the use of a wire brush works great as well.

Q)   Should I use a fire starter with my Smoke Daddy?

-You can use a fire starter to get your Smoking woods started, however you need to be selective with what you use. We have found a new product that is completely Odourless and Non Toxic. Little Lucifer Firelighters, the idividually wrapped ones that come in a plastic bag at your supermarket. These firelighters are clean and easy to use, they leave no residue and burn clean away. Simply place a light cover of chips in the bottom and then the firelighter making sure you can see it through the bottom. Then after you have filled your Smoke Daddy light the firelighter through the grid.


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