The A'Maze'N Smoke Maze

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If you have the requirement to Cold Smoke your meats and you want the most smoke for a long period of time ,or you just want to boost the smoke in your grill or bbq, then the A'Maze'n will provide this for you. The Maze uses Wood Pellets and will burn for approximately 10 HOURS. Having previously carried the dust version of the Maze, we found that based on personal and customer use that the dust version was not as user-friendly and struggled to burn continuously because it required a specific grade and size of dust. However we've found the pellet version of the Maze is very user-friendly and works very well! It is not painted and so does not create unnecessary fumes or contaminated food, and it is in a convenient size and shape to fit most smoking or barbecuing equipment. Add it to any cold smoker for an added boost or to a hooded BBQ or Weber! 


  • Cold and Hot Smoking - Meat, Fish, Cheese, Nuts and so much more!
  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel - Durable and will not rust
  • Small, light and portable
  • Can be used in a smoker or grill
  • Runs up to 10 hours 
  • Produces very little heat
  • Easy to use

Product Reviews

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  • Great low cost start

    Posted by Michael Birtill on 15th Jun 2017


    I bought this as my first smoker before buying one of the big boys and I must say it did what it claimed.
    Yes there are some nuances but it really can cold smoke for hours and hours with little work.
    If your thinking about it, get it. It wont let you down!

  • Hints & Tips to extend Pellet Smoking Time in the A-Maze-N

    Posted by Michael on 6th Mar 2017


    Okay - works well once you work out a procedure that works for your Smoker. Bought this with a MES 30" Sportsman Elite. What I found works for me is to heat the pellets you will be using for about 1.30 - 2 minutes in the Microwave. Draws out any of the moisture they may have. Heat the Pellets for about a minute till they are Cherry Red ( Butane Torch works great - Jet Flame lighter not so good). Let them burn for a couple of minutes with a flame - You should be able to blow the flames out and then blow again and have them restart. (Cold Smoking) In your MES 30" pull out the Water Drip Pan,the Side Wood Chip Loader and the wood chip internal tray about 1 - 2" inches. Make sure the top vent is fully open. I generally place my A-Maze-N just above the Water Drip Pan cutout. This will give you good airflow. On average with just 1 row loaded with wood pellets, I get 4 - 4.5 hours smoke time consistently. Obviously depending on your smoker model and type location and results will vary. This works for me and the model I have. Have tried with Cheeses, Nuts & Garlic. Smoke quality and duration is very good.

  • Works well once you find the trick, but metal isn't durable

    Posted by Grace on 18th Dec 2016


    There are no shortcuts to this, unfortunately. You really do have to spend the time to work out the little tricks yourself, to make it work in your smoker box/kettle. Once you do, it works very well, producing consistent smoke for over 12 hours. The design is good, however the metal isn't very durable. I wonder how long they'll last, as the corners with the lighting hole are already bent out and split after two uses! Quality needs to be improved I think.

    I recommend using the pellets from Smoked and Cured, they're excellent, and about 3 times bigger than the mass market ones you get from hardware stores.

See All 8 Customer’s Reviews