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Vacuum Sealers

There are many Vacuum sealers on the market and we have been researching them all over the past 6 months or so.

You can find them priced anything from $50 to over $1,000. Based on our research we determined that the cheaper brands are just that, Cheap.

Unless you will be using a vacuum sealer continuously over hours you will most likely only need a sealer that is intended for domestic use.

We purchased several different units including Luvelo, Hillmark, Seal Ezy, i-eco, Maxkon, Campfire and Sunbeam.

Based on our research it seems that Sunbeam Food Saver Vacuum Sealers are the benchmark that many of them aspire to reach but based on our testing many of them fail to reach the quality and show the features that prove that some thought has been put into the design of the machine. Interestingly MANY of the machines we purchased and tested are made in the same factory in China - Bigland, the place to go if you want to import cheap electrical items.

We wanted to offer the best most reliable, affordable, most suitable vacuum sealer for our customers to use with the Banquet Bag range and still be suitable for other kitchen requirements.

We have finally decided to offer the Sunbeam Food Saver vacuum sealer. They do come at a slightly higher price than the other ones that we tested but when it comes to vacuum sealers you most definately get what you pay for. You need to consider purchasing a vacuum sealer as an investment as you will use it for more than you can imagine. My favourite thing to do other than using it with our Banquet Bags is to freeze left overs and then transfer the frozen food into a vacuum sealed bag, frees up the container and makes more room in the freezer. It is also good to have the vacuum containers for speedy marinating and when making Jerky.

Some of the issues and lack of features that we discovered during our testing are as follows:

  • faulty heat sealing strips that create gaps in the seal (useless for vacuuming)
  • leaking of air when trying to pull a vacuum
  • no supplier back up for warranty when purchased from cheap Ebay sellers
  • damage easily when moisture is sucked accidentally into vacuum hole (this is the biggest problem with vacuum sealers, limits their use and can ruin a machine easily.
  • no fittings or accessories ie: hose for use with vacuum containers
  • noisy motors
  • cheaply made casings
  • no ability to adapt for different uses or power of vacuum
  • cannot use more than a few times in a row
  • vacuum suction poor
  • no storage locking function that stops the foam from being crushed
  • most of the units we tested have clunky easy to break side locking tabs

We chose the Sunbeam Food Saver as it gave us the best results when using them with our Banquet Bags and also gave us the option to use them with other standard kitchen requirements. As standard the Food Saver requires a bag with an embossed inner lining as our Banquet bags do not have this embossing we have our Banquet "Channel Helper" that works beautifully with the Food Saver, it also works with other vacuum sealers but not as well as with the Sunbeam.

The FoodSaver vacuum sealer has many features that unless you knew to look for them you would not see. We have two models and their individual features are listed on each item but in breif this is what you can expect

  • A setting to assist with vacuum sealing moist/wet items
  • A setting to adjust the vacuum sealing from gentle to strong
  • A setting for pulse vacuum sealing
  • A removable inbuilt tray to collect any moisture that is drawn out of the bag
  • The suction hole is NOT in the bottom of the vacuum channel it is in the lid (the only machine we tested with this feature)
  • A hose and fittings to connect to vacuum containers
  • Quality construction, you can feel the difference in the weight and casing
  • Good weight in the machines which helps when in use
  • An Australian Replacement Warranty and distributor that handles any warranty claims.
  • Ability to rotate motor for vertical cupboard storage
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Easy clean buttons
  • Cord Storage
  • Quiet and confident operation
  • A single side locking knob that also allows you to put it into storage mode so you do not damage the foam

You wont be dissapointed when you use a Food Saver, we were very pleasantly surprised after testing all the other ones first, to be honest we were getting quite discouraged until the Sunbeam.