ZIP LOCK plastic pouch/bag 3.5 Litre FOOD GRADE


Don't you just hate it when you buy a really nice piece of meat or have some great left overs that you put in the freezer and then when you get it out to cook/reheat it has freezer burn and it is no longer appetizing or even edible!

If you put your meats or leftovers into a high quality food grade LLDPE/PET (120UM) re-usable zip lock bag you will be able to leave your food in the freezer for longer periods of time without getting ruined. These bags are commercial strength and quality with a reliable zip seal and will pay for themselves in no time.

You can also use these bags when curing your meats overnight for Jerky, Sausages or Bacon!

They are even great for just putting food in the fridge and keeping odours in or out!

Tip: Leave your meats in the packaging they come in or put them in the light weight freezer bags prior to putting inside these bags, this will help to save on the need to wash them. Another good tip is to freeze your leftovers in a straight walled container, when frozen take them out of the container, slip into a light weight freezer bag then pop into the high grade bag and put back in the freezer. You will never run out of containers again! And always squeeze as much air out as possible before closing the zip lock.

This is a medium sized bag:

1 x 3.5 Litre Clear LLDPE/PET Food Grade pouch with zip lock, measuring      335mm high x 240mm wide

If you are wanting other sizes please let me know.