Atomiser / Sprayer for 210ml Liquid Smoke bottle


Sometimes you just want to get a light coating of Liquid smoke on either your hanging sausages or Salami or over your steak or burgers before you grill them.

This atomiser/sprayer will fit the 210ml bottle of liquid smoke (you may need to shorten the tube slightly) and will give you a nice fine mist spray so you get an even coating of the pure liquid smoke flavour.

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  • Great accessory

    Posted by Leina on 1st Nov 2018


    Very handy to have, and it fits on one or two other containers I have. The pipe is a tiny bit long for the 210ml bottle but easily remedied by trimming, if necessary.

  • Spray with Ease!

    Posted by Tony on 27th Nov 2016


    An atomiser makes all the difference, giving you the ability to control exactly where you want to coat the liquid smoke evenly. Spraying the inside cavity of a duck or similar before stuffing and roasting takes it to a whole new level of deliciousness!

  • A must buy for ease of use

    Posted by Woody on 12th Oct 2015


    The atomisers are the perfect way to add that smoky flavour to your meals & you can leave them out for everyone to play with at a bbq without the risk of them being spilt & wasted.

See All 3 Customer’s Reviews