About Us

Smoked & Cured is an online store that caters to people who want to buy unique food related items that primarily are for making and smoking your own meats, including cured meats and Salami, Charcuterie and other small goods and American BBQ. We also have a large range of unique items that cannot be found in retail outlets. We also have the highest quality and largest range of Smoking Woods in Australia.

Our Misty Gully brand is fast becoming Australia's premiere name in all things American BBQ and Homemade Smallgoods. We not only focus on meat, with an extensive product list also suited for Vegans and Vegetarians, catering for everyone’s tastes.

Misty Gully also acts as an Importer and Distributor for several unique and exclusive imported brands, such as Masterbuilt, Hi Mountain, Everglades and Camerons Products.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve, new products to create or source and all delivered to our customers at the lowest possible prices. We are very proud of the progress of our brand since 2010 and we have plenty more exciting developments scheduled for the future.

Smoked & Cured / Misty Gully is co-owned and run by Ben and Brenton, taking over Smoked & Cured from the previous owners in 2015 and Misty Gully in 2016. Best mates since the first day of High School in Ballarat, Ben and Brenton have long had a passion for home cooking, charcuterie and American BBQ. They're excited to continue to provide, not only a unique online store, but share their knowledge and help grow the smoking and curing community!