Kransky Recipe

Misty Gully Kransky Seasoning

150g will make over 5kg of sausages


Mix 30g of Misty Gully Kransky Seasoning and 2g of cure #1 2% with 150ml of chilled water. Blend with 1kg of meat, suggested ratio is 3/4 pork, 1/4 beef.

Fill your casings of choice (we recommend size 36 All Natural Hog Casing – pre soak 30 minutes prior to filling).

Place the filled sausages into the refrigerator overnight (or for at least 12 hours) to stabilise.

Smoke or cook at 90 degrees C until internal temp reaches 65 degrees C.

Cool sausages by submerging in cold water for 20 minutes.  

Remove from water, pat dry.

Cook as you desire, serve and enjoy!