Cold Smoked BaconHow to Make Cold Smoked Bacon

Pork Belly 6kg (skin on)
– 4L Water
– 50g Cure #1 6.25%
– 250g Kosher Salt
– 250g Brown Sugar
– 15x Juniper Berry
– 15x Black Pepper Whole
– 3Tbsp Garlic Powder


  1. Blend Brine ingredients in cold water, then heat the brine until all salt/sugar has been dissolved. Allow to cool in fridge
  2. Cut the prok belly into uniform sizes to allow it to hang easier and also make it easier to vac pack (see pic).
  3. Pour the brine into a large container and submerge the belly in the brine – keep in the fridge for 11 days – rotating the meat every couple of days (Gus’ tip: fill some sandwich bags with water to put on top of the meat so they are fully submerged)
  4. After 11 days in the brine, rinse and wash the belly then hang to dry in the fridge for approx. 3 days to develop the pellicle (thin outer skin which helps to better absorb smoke flavour)
  5. Cold smoke overnight using MBC Blend (Maple/Beech/Cherry) pellets in an Amazen cold smoke generator. Other flavours to try include Apple, Maple, Cherry and Oak. Ensure the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees C. (Note: You can use the Masterbuilt Smoker as a cabinet for cold smoking – email us to find out more)
  6. Leave belly hanging in the fridge during the daytime
  7. Repeat this process for 2 more nightsGus2
  8. Hang belly in fridge until 20-30% weight loss is achieved (for better results, use a Cure & Smoke Banquet Bag to allow your belly to dry age correctly in a refrigerated environment)
  9. Vacuum pack for storage
  10. Thinly slice with a deli slicer and eat as pancetta in stews, omelettes, pasta and of course home made burgers. And of course you could just fry some up in the pan for cold smoked bacon and eggs…

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