Simple Capicola Recipe

Simple Capicola Recipe

Capicola is a great place to start for beginners with Misty Gully Banquet bags. It’s easy to prepare and handle and is a great starting block for those looking to explore the world of home made small goods.

Misty Gully Banquet Bag – Salumi -Medium/Large
Coppa (Pork Neck/ Spare Rib Roast) – 2kg
Misty Gully Kosher Salt – 60g
White Sugar – 40g
Sugar 2 tbsp (30g)
Misty Gully Cure #2 (6% Nitrite, 4% Nitrate) – 4g
Black Pepper – 10g
Fresh Thyme (optional) 3 sprigs
Red Chilli flakes or powder – 1 teaspoon
Fennel Seeds – 1 teaspoon
Crushed Garlic – 2 cloves, finely minced
Cotton Butcher’s Twine – 2m

Combine all spices and salts. Rubs into meat covering the surface entirely. Make sure you rub into all the gaps and cracks to ensure a complete cure. Add Garlic and Thyme, press firmly into meat. Add additional spices and seasonings of preference if desired. Weigh your meat.

Place meat into a plastic zip-lock bag (do not use your Banquet Bag yet!).

Place into refrigerator for 7-10 days. Turn meat every 24 hours. There will be moisture build up in the bag. This is normal. Turning the meat over every 24 hours ensures this moisture coats the meat and helps enable the curing process.

After 10 days, remove from the zip-lock bag and rinse under tepid water thoroughly, ensuring to  remove all excess salts and spices from the surface of the meat.

Lightly pat dry.

Tie butcher’s twine around the centre of the meat, tie of and cut away excess twine. Repeated 4 times extending along the length of your coppa to create a rounded shape, ready for ageing.

Very lightly dust your meat with a small amount of additional black pepper, paprika and fennel to taste.

Place in your Misty Gully Banquet Bag, vacuum, seal and place on a wire rack in your fridge.

For a 2kg cut, your product will be ready after approximately 5 weeks, when the meat weighs approximately 1.4kg.

Dry ageing for longer will result in a lighter, saltier, denser end product. Therefore age according to personal preference.