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In this category you will find all the curing salts, starter cultures and other additives needed for making Salami, semi-dried sausages and other dry cured products.

Curing Salt Mixes - Cure #1 & Cure #2

Smoked and Cured stock both Cure #1 (6.25% Sodium Nitrite) as well as Cure #2 (Sodium Nitrite & Sodium Nitrate) in various sized packs. Also commonly known as pink salt, prague powder and Instacure #1 & #2, these cures are industry standard and manufactured to Australian Standards. Curing salts prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria as well as produces the red colour of the meat we are all familiar with and enhances the flavour development of Salumi.

CHR Hansen Bactoferm Starter Cultures

Smoked and Cured also stock the CHR Hansen Bactoferm range of starter cultures. These include the popular Bactoferm T-SPX meat culture which is used for slow fermented meats like dry cured salumi. We also stock the Bactoferm F1 and FRM-7 meat cultures which are used for fast to medium fermented meats like pepperoni. Also new to our product range is the Bactoferm Mold 600. Only recently arrived in Australia, this is the starter culture you need if you want to promote a safe to eat traditional white mold cover on your salumi which will suppress the growth of undesirable organisms including indigenous molds, yeasts and bacteria.

Other Products Available Include Ascorbic Acid & Dextrose

Please contact us if you would like us to source a culture or other product for you that we don't currently stock.