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In this category you will find all the curing salts, starter cultures and other additives needed for making Salami, semi-dried sausages and other dry cured products.

Curing Salt Mixes - Cure #1 & Cure #2

Smoked and Cured stock both Cure #1 (6.25% Sodium Nitrite) as well as Cure #2 (Sodium Nitrite & Sodium Nitrate) in various sized packs. Also commonly known as pink salt, prague powder and Instacure #1 & #2, these cures are industry standard and manufactured to Australian Standards. Curing salts prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria as well as produces the red colour of the meat we are all familiar with and enhances the flavour development of Salumi.

CHR Hansen Bactoferm Starter Cultures

Smoked and Cured also stock the CHR Hansen Bactoferm premium range of starter cultures. Starter cultures play an essential part in producing safety and delicious salami at home. Starter culture is used to promote the propagation of 'good' bacteria growth during the fermentation stage of making salami. These strains of bacteria prevent some of the nasty ones from being able to take hold in your salami, giving an added level of safety protection. During fermentation the bacteria feeds on sugars in the meat mixture and give off acids as by-products. This adds to the delicious tangy taste in a good salami. Different starter cultures are used to make different styles of salami. Please see below for a brief description of when and how each culture should be used: TSPX - a slow fermenting starter culture used to make mild traditional Italian style sausages. Ferment for 72 hours at 20 degrees celsius. F1 - a fast fermenting starter culture that caused a rapid pH drop ideal to add extra tang or acid to your salami. Ideal for pepperoni's, chorizo etc. Ferment for 24 hours at 25-30 degress celsius. FRM7 - another fast fermenting starter culture ideal for working in the 25-30 degree range for 24 hours. Flavour profile lends itself well to Eastern European style salamis. SafePro Flora Italia LC - brand new - the 'Rolls Royce' of starter cultures for traditional Italian style salami. Promoting a mild and mellow flavour profile, similar to TSPX but in 1/3 of the time. Fast fermenting in 12-24 hours  at around 24 degrees without the same acidity as the 'F' cultures. SafePro gives extra prevention again nasties such as Listeria. Higher price but each sachel is enough to process 200kg. SafePro B-LC-78 - starter culture for whole muscle cuts. Prevents rancidity of fats. Antagonistic again Listeria. Promotes colour development, enhances the utilisation of nitrites to reduce curing times and provide pleasant flavour development. Mold 600 - applied to the outside of natural or fibrous casings to produce a thick layer of white mould. Prevents unwanted moulds, bacterias and yeasts forming in it's place. Provides a strong buttery and mushroomy flavour. Delightful when combined with Flora Italia. Tradi 302 - an all-purpose meat culture for the production of traditional Italian style fermented sausages. The culture gives a mild acidification and provides a good flavour and colour development.  Important: The culture does not ferment sucrose and lactose. It is therefore recommended to use dextrose as a carbohydrate source.

Other Products Available Include Ascorbic Acid & Dextrose

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