Smoke Generators

The A-MAZE-N-SMOKERPATENTED is a smoke generator that was created out of the need to Cold Smoke meat, fish and cheese. After months of testing, we found the MAZE to be the perfect combination of design, materials that gives consistent results every time.  Even though the AMNS was created for Cold Smoking, it can also be used to supplement smoke at higher temps inside your smoker, weber, bbq or pellet grill.

The Pellet MAZE is designed to burn BBQ Pellets, but also burns sawdust.  You can use the AMNPS for Cold Smoking and supplement smoke during Hot Smoking.  It performs very well inside your smoker and will produce up to 11 hours of smoke.

The MAZE is manufactured in the USA and is very popular. Check out the reviews on the Smoking Pit forum via this link.



Why does my sawdust/pellets not light or stay burning when it’s placed inside the smoker?

  • Sawdust is too coarse.  Mix coarse and fine sawdust in bag.
  • Sawdust/Pellets may be damp.  Place 2-3 cups of pellets etc in microwave for 60 seconds and stir to remove excess moisture.  Repeat process and pour into the MAZE.
  • Sawdust is not lit well, relight for 30+ seconds using a butane torch or lighter.
  • Not enough air/oxygen inside smoker, open intake & exhaust vents.
  • MAZE is above the water pan.  Moisture from evaporating water in the water pan will affect the burning process.  Move the MAZE below the water pan or      place a smaller pan of water on one of the shelves.
  • Juice or oils from the food are dripping on the AMNS.  Place a foil “Pup Tent” over the AMNS to deflect the dripping juice or oils.

What causes the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER to burn to quickly?

  • The MAZE is too close to heating element or flame, or too close to draft.  Move MAZE or place in pan to deflect heat/draft around the unit.  Keep middle row empty at temps above 180°.
  • Smoker temperature set too high.  Reduce smoker temperature.
  • Too much intake air.  Close intake vent slightly to slow burning.

I own a Masterbuilt 30” or 40” Smoker and my MAZE starts and burns well outside my smoker, but slows or goes out when I place it inside my smoker?

  • The MAZE is starved for air/oxygen and Masterbuilt Electric Smokers do not provide much air/oxygen intake.  Remove the chip loader and pull out the chip drawer approx. 1 ½”.  This will increase the air/oxygen intake for the smoker and create a slight draft.
  • MAZE is below the intake level.  Place MAZE on the drop tray below the element after removing the chip tray.

How do I reduce the amount of time that the MAZE burns for?

  • Simply only fill one or two rows to reduce the smoking time