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Discover the benefits of cooking with Firebrand Charcoal. You'll get a reliable, consistent and cost effective result every time. No sharp petrol aroma, clean, hot and efficient. The #1 brand of charcoal in Australia. Smoked and Cured is pleased to work closely with Firebrand as the Victorian distributor of cost effective bulk purchase charcoal. Features & Benefits:
  • Higher heat output means you use less
  • Longer burn time - up to 5 hours or more on average
  • Less ash residue
  • No noxious smelling fumes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No chemical additives or binders added to the Nargile Shisha or the Compressed Hardwood Tubes
  • All natural components used in all forms of charcoal
  • No sparks
  • Cost effective - you get more out of it for longer and you use less
  • No smoke created with the Tubes or the Shisha means you taste the food
  • The charcoal lumps give you that flavour that you are looking for from charcoal