Hi Mountain Jerky, Sausage and Brine Seasonings

Seasonings, Cures & Brines that will turn any Cook into a Gourmet Chef

Hi Mountain Seasonings was established in 1991 and is based in Riverton, Wyoming. Since the beginning, Hi Mountain has created high quality jerky and meat processing products and seasonings for hunters, game processors and home chefs who want to make their own home-made food. Hi Mountain’s gourmet seasoning blends are made with hearty, pure spices and have a Western flair. Hi Mountain’s products allow you to make delicious, homemade jerky, sausage, smoked meats and more.

Smoked & Cured is proudly the exclusive importer and distributor of the world famous Hi Mountain product range. Find out why Hi Mountain is America’s most popular jerky kit today. The Hi Mountain range of cures, seasonings and cooking accessories provide you with the ability to make cured & seasoned meats that taste absolutely amazing.

Fishermen, hunters and backyard chefs of America can no longer keep this secret to themselves and the products are now available in Australia.