Camerons Bear Claw Food Grabbers


One tool - many uses
Get a grip to lift your heavy roast out of the oven or off the grill, Shred your pulled pork , chicken, turkey or beef easily as claw ends are sharp
Toss your salad with ease - no spilling with the claw control.

The Man Claw, made of a high heat food grade polymer, gives you a good grip on your roast when lifting it out of the roasting pan, or off the grill. The tips are sharp to hold even a 25 lb turkey easily.

Shredding meat to a great size is so simple with the sharp claw ends.

Using the claws for tossing salad is wonderful as the salad ingredients don't fall out of the bowl.

Product Reviews

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  • Bear Claws

    Posted by Allan on 24th Feb 2016


    Great product. Works really well to securely grip and lift racks of short ribs out of the smoker.

  • Claws for pulled meat

    Posted by Rebecca on 5th Mar 2015


    Used these to lift and then shred slow cooked pork- a large quantity, 2 full shoulders.
    Was amazed how quick it made the job, literally 1-2 mins per piece.

See All 2 Customer’s Reviews