Misty Gully Liquid Smoke Mesquite (210ml)


Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly

Manufactured in Australia from a blend of Mesquite and other species to give you just the right amount of smokey flavour to suit your cooking needs.

Mesquite provides a slightly sharper/stronger smoke flavour and is considered to be great on any meat but is particularly great on Red meats and Pork.

These Liquid Smoke products can be used in foods or on foods making them a great addition to Sausages & Jerky. You can add Liquid smoke to any food including sauces, or spray on your BBQ meats and add to soups.

Eliminates the need for the smoking process as the flavour is added during the curing, drying or manufacturing stage.

Our Liquid Smoke is to be considered as an essence and only a few drops is required to achieve a smokey flavour in meals and a few sprays on steaks or roasts. 

This product is suitable for use with vegan and vegetarian meats

 (manufactured from local and imported ingredients)

Product Reviews

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  • Mesquite or hickory liquid smoke

    Posted by MichaelYannopoulos on 25th May 2019


    Products enhance the aromatics and increase the depth of flavours in food. I use it when I am dehydrating beef or venison as the smoky flavours complement the worcestershire and soy sauces.

  • versatile and delicious

    Posted by Greg Pickett on 2nd Jul 2016


    Have used this for home made jerky and for "smoked" cherry tomatoes. Also great to spray stright on to meat before cooking.
    Made the best smoked chicken and tomato pizza.

  • Awesome!

    Posted by Tam on 19th Sep 2015


    This is so good! Really tasty and you hardly need any. So far I've used it to flavour tempeh burgers and even added it to a tofu stir fry. 1/4 tsp is all you need. 5 stars!

See All 13 Customer’s Reviews