Ricci Method - Buongiorno Blend - Wood Roasted and Smoked Coffee Beans

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** Please note clearance!!: Roast Date 11/16 - This coffee still tastes and smells so good! - 250g per pack **


The Ricci Method was established in 2011 by three friends in Melbourne as a Coffee Micro Roaster dedicate to bringing an ancient method of coffee roasting back to life in Australia. Traditionally, coffee beans were roasted and smoked over carefully selected timbers, adapted to best bring out the characteristics of each bean used in the blend. This slow roasting and smoking process would allow for a depth in flavour that can't be achieved via modern roasting methods.

Smoked & Cured and very proud to bring our customers these 2 unique blends of gourmet coffee beans from one of Melbourne's most unique and exciting up and coming Micro Roasters!

As the name suggests, a full bodied orchestra of flavours, with a caffeine punch, to get your morning off to the perfect start!

The Buongiorno Blend is a blend of premium Microlot Arabica beans sourced from Brazil and Colombia, with the addition of some premium Robusta to add an extra kick of caffeine. Each element has been individually slowly roasted and smoked over wood fire to bring out the chocolate, caramel and earthy flavours which are typical of Brazillian coffee with the addition of Colombian beans to add some fruity acidity, along with sweet toffee and malt flavours.