Wood Chips (3L Bag)


Contains Approximately 650-900g of chips, depending on species and relative wood density.

Also available in 2kg & 5kg packaging.

Misty Gully's premium range of Gourmet Smoking Woods are the largest in Australia. All of our woods are sourced from Australia and the USA's finest providers of all-natural, chemical free smoking woods. 

Please download our flavour guide for information on each species of wood.

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Flavour Guide:

Alder - a mild, slightly sweet smoke, an ideal all rounder for all meats, fish, poultry, cheeses and chocolate.

Apple - a strong, sweet and fruity smoke best suited to beef, ham, ribs and poultry. Excellent when mixed with Hickory!

Beech - a long smoking hardwood, delicate flavour similar to Oak.

Cherry - best for poultry and pork, a very fruity and sweet smoke with subtle intensity. Our favourite with Ribs...

Coffee Soaked Tassie Oak - Tassie Oak soaked in Coffee to give a delicate smoke fantastic for cold smoking chocolate and cheese, and for hot smokes with sweeter meats.

Hickory - strong and sweet, a 'classic' smokey taste. Another all-rounder suitable for almost all cooks.

Jam - ideal for smoking in a weber or hooded bbq. Mild slightly spicy smoke, that burns well at slightly higher temperatures with proper soaking. Aus native.

Mallee Nuggets - from the WA desert, these provide a dense, rich earthy smoke ideal for pork and chicken.

Maple - mild smoke, somewhat sweet. Excellent with ham and vegetables.

Mesquite - very strong and intense spicy smoke flavour. Best with game meats, beef and poultry. Fantastic for Jerky making!

Mountain Ash - a mild all-rounder with a mellowness that really allows for the underlying flavours of your meat,veggies and marinade to shine.

Oak - a strong smoke on it's own, but fantastic when blended with sweet woods. Recommend for brisket, beef and venison.

Peach - very mild, sweet smoke. Best suited for poultry and pork.

Pear - slightly sweet, with a dull spice, suitable for poultry and port.

Pecan - Aussie native, very similar characteristic to Hickory, with nutty undertones. Perfect allrounder.

Plum - our current favourite! Like a sweet and spicy take on a classic Hickory smoke. Fast growing in popularity in smoking circles.

Redgum - very strong,hearty smoke that is dense and spicy. Best suited for red meats like lamb and beef.

Sandalwood - unique - with the majority of the natural oils removed - this smoking wood provides a very mild, exotic and spicy smoke that tastes and smells great.

Sheoak - native to Australia, producing a mellow smoke flavour, fantastic with seafood in particular, and poultry.

Tassie Oak - another native, tassie oak takes to pre-soaking very well so is popular for people looking to experiment with their own flavour twists. Best for poultry and fish.

Wine Soaked Tassie Oak - creates an amazing aroma while smoking!  Better for dark meats and game.


Product Reviews

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  • Perfect for all types

    Posted by Leina on 14th Dec 2017


    I purchased a bag of Maple and a bag of Hickory chips to do a Christmas ham I've cured.
    The chips come in strong durable ziploc bags and are an excellent size. Very clean, no dust.
    I was very impressed with the speed of postage as well, and the small handful of chips I used provided me with a good 5-6hrs worth of smoking time.
    Definitely will purchase again when I'm next needing some.

  • Easy and delicious oak smoked brisket.

    Posted by Nik on 5th Jun 2017


    The easy of use, length of time smoke was generated and versatility of this chips surprised me. These are by far the smallest chips I have used, but with a good soak they provided smoke for a long time both in a smoker box heated by a gas flame and directly thrown on hot coals in a Weber (reheating my brisket to serve).

    I mixed them 80% oak 20% pecan, for a 5 hour smoke with indirect heat on my hooded gas BBQ, followed by a 40hr 68C sous vide (cheating) cook for my brisket. At serving I used more smoke on the webber for about 1.5 hours. One of the best meals I've ever cooked/eaten, one could even use less smoke next time (but I won't, it was too good).

  • Great

    Posted by Danielle on 23rd Oct 2016


    can really taste the flavor

See All 3 Customer’s Reviews