Semi-dried (soft) Chorizo

How to make your own authentic Spanish style soft chorizo at home with Misty Gully.
Prep Time1 hour
Ageing Time8 days
Total Time8 days
Yield: 5 kilograms


  • 1 Misty Gully 5L Sausage Stuffer


  • 1 packet Misty Gully Chorizo Seasoning
  • 10 grams Misty Gully Cure #1 6.25%
  • 1 packet Misty Gully Size 36 Sausage Casings (Home Pack)


  • Ensure all equipment is sanitised and cold prior to use.
  • Take 5kg chilled meat/fat from fridge and grind through your mincer.
  • Add 10g cure #1 6.25%, packet of chorizo seasoning and mix allingredients for a couple of minutes.
  • Stuff firmly into 36mm Hog Casings (these are edible) orcasings of choice.
  • Create 20-25cm links.
  • Cure sausages in the fridge for 24 hours.
  • Smoking – Transfer sausages to smoking chamber. Cold smoke for 4 hours(Ideal temperature for smoking is 40-50°C), let rest for 2 hours and then hit it again for 4 hours (during this second smoke, raise the temperature of your smoker to 85°C to bring your sausage up to the an internal temp of 65°C). If you don’t have a hot Smoker, you can do a 2nd cold smoke and then bring up the internal temp of your sausages in an oven instead.
  • After your sausage has reached the correct internal temp, cool themquickly in a bucket of ice cold water, and then let bloom for 2 hours at roomtemperature. After this time either refrigerate or hang for 7 days at 12-18c(75-90% humidity)
  • Enjoy! The chorizo can be eaten as is, or sliced and cook how you like!