Banquet Bags - Salumi / Charcuterie - Medium


Make your own Charcuterie at home with Misty Gully Charcuteri/Salumi Banquet Bags


MEDIUM = 300x600mm

The Safest and easiest way to cure your own Charcuterie (Salumi) at home.

Each pack contains 6 bags


MINI = 250x300mm   SMALL = 350x350mm   MEDIUM = 300x600mm  LARGE = 400x800mm

These are a truly unique and revolutionary product. Processing cured meats and salamis in the traditional methods has always been something that for most of us living in Australia, has been impossible due to our climate.

But now you can do it safely in your own refrigerator and take out the potential of the meat picking up germs from the environment by putting your meat or salami in a Banquet Bag. The bags form a bonds with the protein in the meat, allowing them to age without the risk of picking up unwanted germs or fungi, while still allowing the meat to 'breathe'. Misty Gully Banquet Bags are also thin enough for smoke to permeate.

Make pancetta, salami, coppa, proscuitto and more...!

* Vacuum Sealer required *

Product Reviews

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  • Not a vacuum bag!

    Posted by Reamonn Tickner on 20th Nov 2017


    Key to success with these banquet bags is to remember that they are NOT vacuum bags. Remember you only need to get around 70% of the meats surface area in contact with the membrane. Do some research online, there are posts of outstanding success without using a vacuum packer at all, they just push as much air out of the bag as possible by wrapping it around the meat tightly and then twisting the top of the bag and tying it up.
    For me, these seem to be working well.

  • light bulb moment

    Posted by GREGG on 20th Sep 2017


    To be abel to make and enjoy the copocolo I grew up with, in the heat of Australia and make it all year.
    I am in in heaven. I wish I thought of it.
    Currently enjoying 21 day dry aged beef porterhouse and lamb leg steaks
    Cant wait to try charcuterie in 45 days pork neck 1 pepper and 1chilly
    Beef neck 1 pepper 1chilly ....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Great idea thanks for the advice and help.
    Cheers Gregg

  • No need for a vacuum machine

    Posted by Jan Ooms on 20th May 2017


    I have been using UMAi bags and the Banquet bags for the last 9 years and never ever have used a vacuum machine. I EQ (Equilibrium Cure) everything from Coppa, Bresaola etc etc for an extended time, if you use 2% salt plus cure no oversalting will occur and the meat flavour is more pronounced. After curing under vacuum for around 4 weeks or longer( depending on my spare time), wash the meat, apply more spice you like and place it in a vacuum bag. Roll up tight any excess bag and place the lot in some strong elastic netting. Weigh and label and WAIT!!!!!!!!! until it reaches at least 35 to 45%. The choice is yours. Any queries let me know.

See All 4 Customer’s Reviews