Explore Our Range of Meat Brines and Bacon Cure for Sale

For a delish dish that seeps with truly unforgettable flavours, you can’t go past the range of high-quality products at Smoked and Cured. We sell an array of curing salts and brines that have been specifically formulated to enrich and preserve the different qualities of different meats. With all our products available to buy in bulk, you can create exquisite meals to feed the entire extended family!

Which Curing Salt Do I Use?:

Cure #1 6.25% - this is the industry standard in curing salts. Use it for any meats you are curing for longer than a few days (eg. Bacon, Ham, Corned Beef).

Cure #1 2% - this is a special mix offered by Misty Gully specifically designed for shorter curing processes. It's perfect for Jerky, semi-dried sausages like Kranski's and Chorizo.

Cure #2 - this is the cure for all your salami needs and long cures. It contains both nitrites and nitrates. What's the difference? Basically a nitrate with interact with the meat and breakdown into nitrites over the course of a few weeks.

Misty Gully Maple Bacon / Ham Cures - use these for curing Ham or Bacon. Essentially the same as a #1 6.25% cure, however it's specially blended with maple sugar crystals to add a delicious flavour to the curing process. Highly recommended!

How to make a basic brine from scratch - check out our full recipe here!