Bulk Wood Chips Per Kg - MOQ 15kg

Minimum Purchase:
15 units

Sold per kg at $8.50 per kg. MOQ per species 15kg.

Also available in 5kg, 2kg &amp, 750gm packaging.

Flavour Guide:

Alder - a mild, slightly sweet smoke, an ideal all-rounder for all meats, fish, poultry, cheeses and chocolate.
Apple - a strong, sweet and fruity smoke. Best suited to beef, ham, ribs and poultry. Excellent when mixed with Hickory!
Cherry - a sweet and very fruity smoke. Best for poultry and pork with subtle intensity. Our favourite with Ribs...
Hickory - strong and sweet, a 'classic' smokey taste. Another all-rounder suitable for almost all cooks.
Jam - a mild, slightly spicy smoke, ideal for smoking in a Weber or hooded bbq. Burns well at slightly higher temperatures with proper soaking.
Maple - a mild smoke, somewhat sweet. Excellent with ham and vegetables.
Mesquite - a very strong and intense spicy smoke flavour. Best with game meats, beef and poultry. Fantastic for making Jerky!
Mountain Ash - a mild all-rounder with a mellowness that really allows the underlying flavours of your meat, veggies and marinade to shine.
Oak - a strong smoke on its own, but fantastic when blended with sweet woods. Recommended for brisket, beef and venison.
Peach - a very mild, sweet smoke. Best suited for poultry and pork.
Pear - smooth, fruity and aromatic. Perfect with lighter meats and vegetables.
-  - an Aussie native, very similar characteristics to Hickory.
Redgum - a very strong, hearty smoke that is dense and spicy. Best suited for red meats like lamb and beef.
Sheoak - a native to Australia, producing a mellow smoke flavour, fantastic with seafood in particular or poultry.
Tassie Oak - another native, takes to pre-soaking very well, so is popular for people looking to experiment with their own flavour twists. Best for poultry and fish.