Camerons Lil Smokey Stovetop Smoker

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Camerons Lil Smokey can be used on stovetop or outdoors using sterno (metho burner), campfire or gas burner.

Camerons Lil Smokey has been specially designed for camping, streamside, RV travel and for use on sail boats.
*Size 7 x 11 x 3.5"
*Using sterno cans reduces fire risk
*Easy storage on boats and in an RV - compact packing for camping
*Takes food smoking with perfect flavour infusion anywhere
*Healthy cooking - no added salts, fats, oil or other flavourings need to be added
*Smokes and cooks at the same time
*Use on gas, sterno can, grill or camp fire
*Food cooks in it's own juices - keeps extremely moist
*Stainless Steel construction with a fold over the top handle for easy storage

Includes a stand and a sterno holder and chromed rack. It is the Gourmet Mini Smoker with a special Base to hold the smoker so that it can smoke and cook using a can of Sterno for the heat source. The sides of the base keep the wind from blowing out the flame. Great for picnics, camping or backpacking.

This Mini Smoker works exactly like the Original larger one, but is half the size. At 7 x 11 inches it is great for cooking for two, or for the smaller things you want to infuse with the smokey flavour. Does not include the sterno fuel or chips. 

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  • Simplicity that's less than 12 inches long

    Posted by Anthony Luck on 2nd Nov 2017


    Love that smoked flavor on our big family roasts on a week end and now when just the wife and I head off camping and touring, we can have it as well. Very happy the way the unit packs up so compactly and can be used on different heat sources.
    The cooker can be used in a variety of cooking styles, even those that don't need a touch of smoke. If you do hit the road or just want to be able to have the convenience to add smoked flavors to your foods once in awhile with out having a full blown smoker in your back yard this is a great way to go.

See All 1 Customer’s Review