Camerons Original Stovetop Smoker

$129.95 $119.95

The Camerons Original Stovetop Smoker is the perfect solution for smoking in your kitchen at home!

Can be used on your outdoor BBQ as well!

Bring food smoking indoors for perfect flavour infusion using the Cameron's Stovetop Smoker
Size 11"x 15" x 3.5"
*Healthy cooking - no added salts, fats, oils or additional flavouring
*Smokes and cooks food at the same time
*Food cooks it it's own juices - keeps extremely moist
*Use on any heat source - gas, electric, flat top or induction, sterno, grill or campfire
*Can be used in the oven 
*Stainless Steel construction with fold away handles
*Dishwasher safe

Camerons Stovetop Smoker allows you to smoke foods of all types right on your own stove!

Smoke-cooking is a healthy way to infuse flavour without the use of fats, salts or oils and that means no added calories either! Our smoker allows you to hot-smoke food, a process that retains moisture and natural cooking flavours so foods don't dry out or get tough. Camerons Smoker also doubles as a steamer, so you really get two great cookers in one product.

Camerons Stovetop Smoker works great with all meat, seafood, and poultry dishes and it transforms ordinary vegetables into delicious main courses! Large items like turkeys or hams can be smoked as well by simply making an aluminium foil tent to cover the item when you cook it, instead of using the smoker lid.

Please check your stove manual if you have a flat top stove to make sure you can use a pan that is larger than the element under the glass.

Weight 7 lbs. Size 3" high x 11' wide x 15" long. Dishwasher cleanup.

Order extra wood chips so you don't run out when you're craving smoked food.


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Product Reviews

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  • camerons original stovetop smoker

    Posted by david brown on 7th Aug 2019


    a fantastic product . so versatile & easy to clean . it has opened up so many avenues from smoking my own bacon to my own sausages . the ribs are amazing and smoked fish served straight to the table ! so much fun & so simple .

  • Smoker success

    Posted by Lesley on 15th Mar 2019


    Smoker arrived promptly so used a few days later - great success with smoking a piece of salmon - used pecan dust which gave it a mild smoky taste - very moist indeed and so much nicer than buying at the supermarket. Taking it camping with us to experiment more.

  • better than supermarket

    Posted by dave on 18th May 2017


    Want a yoder ys 640 but hey you have to start somewhere! Read all the hype on social media about how awsome smoked food can be. I can honestly say the camerons stovetop smoker is an exellent place to start. Bought a side of salmon from my local supermarket. And hey presto with a little care and attention (and your apple sawdust) i have results that compared with supermarked smoked salmon are bordering on biblical!! ( and thats before i mixed it with chives and cream cheese!) yeah i spose you can make your own smoker but i like the camerons product, it's robust and doesnt smoke the house out.

See All 5 Customer’s Reviews