Cure #1 6.25% - 500g (Bacon, Ham etc.)


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Curing salts and Nitrites are required for safe processing of dried meats, Jerky and Sausages.

These packs of 500gms are perfectly balanced with the right combination of ingredients so that you can confidently process your meats and not be concerned that you may get the mix wrong.

This cure is a faster cure with a nitrite level of 6.25%.

Ingredients: Salt, Sodium Nitrite (6.25%),Color.

**We do not recommend curing only, it is our recommendation to apply heat as part of your curing cycle before any air drying is started. Meats should be heated to a minimum of 60 degrees celcius internally before they can be considered safe. Air drying of meats should only be done if you know exactly what you are doing.

Also available in bulk.

Your custom recipe will indicate how much you will need to add and the level of nitrites required in the mix. The less cure & a lower % of nitrites you use the higher the internal temperature of your meat needs to reach.

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  • very good im making a brine for my homemade bacon and its working like a charm

    Posted by oskar on 31st Jul 2018



  • First time user

    Posted by Jock on 5th Feb 2018


    This is the first time for this product. Easy to use and quality resealable bag to aid in keeping fresh

  • Thank you Brenton for your great service

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2017


    Thank you Brenton for your great service and knowledge
    of your product .

See All 13 Customer’s Reviews