Double Barrel Cold Smoker


Introducing the brand new Misty Gully Double Barrel Cold Smoker.

Simple to use in any smoking chamber, hooded BBQ or grill and create your own cold smoking chamber! Professional smoke results in anything by using one or both barrels. Provides up to 5 hours of smoke.

Mix and match your woods to create your own unique flavours and aromas.

Two barrels burning in close proximity creates double the smoke and slightly faster burn times for added flavour and intensity.

Just add wood pellets, light at one or both ends, and start seriously smoking!

Product Reviews

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  • Smoked up a storm

    Posted by Murray on 28th Oct 2019


    An excellent source of lots of smoke for a smoking newbie. The Applewood pellets worked perfectly well with this and were easy to get going, with a couple of minutes standing upright so that they get a good smoulder up when you blow out the flames. I would recommend a small butane blowtorch to get the pellets going as that made this s a very simple job. Once going there was lots of smoke and after a bit of trial and error, I placed the DBCS on the wire warming shelf at the rear of my old Gas Weber.

    About 2 hours later I had a terrific batch of smokey chicken wings, no ash had fallen onto them and there were plenty of pellets left.

    Great way to turn my well-loved gas Weber into a smoker and does everything it says on the box!

  • DB Smoker

    Posted by Anthony Millard on 18th Dec 2017


    This unit worked well on first use, although it was a bit difficult to light. I intend ourchasing a small butane blowtorch to solve this problem.

  • Double Barrel Cold Smoker Review

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2017


    The Double Barrel Cold Smoker is an excellent product and does everything it is needed to do.

See All 4 Customer’s Reviews