Double Barrel Cold Smoker


Introducing the brand new Misty Gully Double Barrel Cold Smoker.

Simple to use in any smoking chamber, hooded BBQ or grill and create your own cold smoking chamber! Professional smoke results in anything by using one or both barrels. Provides up to 5 hours of smoke.

Mix and match your woods to create your own unique flavours and aromas.

Two barrels burning in close proximity creates double the smoke and slightly faster burn times for added flavour and intensity.

Just add wood pellets, light at one or both ends, and start seriously smoking!

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  • DB Smoker

    Posted by Anthony Millard on 18th Dec 2017


    This unit worked well on first use, although it was a bit difficult to light. I intend ourchasing a small butane blowtorch to solve this problem.

  • Double Barrel Cold Smoker Review

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2017


    The Double Barrel Cold Smoker is an excellent product and does everything it is needed to do.

  • Double Barrel Cold Smoker Review

    Posted by Michael T on 7th May 2017


    My review of the Double Barrel Cold Smoker Tube that SmokedandCured were kind enough to send me as a sample. I also own an A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker which has been very good and which I will be comparing it with.
    The build and finish quality of the DBCST (Double Barrel Cold Smoker Tube) is superior to the A-Maze-N. It looks and feels like a higher quality more expensive item. The gauge on the metal is thicker as well.

    I suspect the DBCST will last longer as well. The name is fairly explanatory - you have two metal tubes connected lengthwise and perforated with holes for air and smoke, with a solid metal base at one end an an opening at the other end.
    The Barrels are 30cm long and 5cm wide diameter.

    The first thing to do is to SEASON your DBCST. 180 Degrees Celsius for 30 minutes in an Oven (Microwave would be BAD). Once the DBCST has cooled down wash in warm soapy water and let dry.

    Okay each tube holds approximately 420 grams of Wood Pellets. My recommendation is to only add about 375 grams approximately or leave about 1cm - 1.5cm free from the top of the tube. Before adding the Pellets to the DBCST I recommend microwaving the Pellets for 90 seconds to remove any moisture.
    Now the only thing I found is a bit annoying is that loading Pellets into the DBCST is a bit of a pain in the ass due to the size of the opening.

    However, there are a few ways to make the process easier.
    1. Use some stiff cardboard to roll and make a cone shaped funnel (like a Cornetto Ice cream).
    2. Use an empty clean 2 or 3 litre bottle of Juice or Milk container to make a funnel, just cut to size to suit. Fit's perfectly.
    Makes filling the DBCST tubes a lot easier. Once one of the the tubes or both are filled (You can fill each tube with a different flavour
    wood pellet). Stand the DBCST vertically and light the top and upper sides till you have a nice flame going and let burn for about 5-10 minutes, then blow out. You can let it smoke for 5 minutes afterwards to make sure you have proper ignition of the pellets and that they will not go out in the smoker.

    There are 2 ways I recommend lighting the DBCST - either use a small propane torch or alternatively a safer way (takes a bit longer) is use an Electric Heat Gun (less than $50 from (Bunnings)which has the benefit also of not running out propane when you need it most.
    Once you are satisfied that the Pellets are smoking sufficiently, place the DBCST in the smoker horizontally being careful not to burn yourself, grip at closed bottom end of the DBCST or for safety use heat proof gloves. I have a Masterbuilt Elite 30" and place it on the tray above the Heating element just above the Water Drip Pan cut-out.
    I recommend using some heavy duty aluminium foil as a canopy/tent above the DBCST to prevent fat/food/marinade drippings from dropping onto the DBCST and causing a fire or smothering the Pellets. For the best results, I have found that if pull out the Water Drip Pan, the Side Wood Chip Loader and the wood chip internal tray about 3 - 5cm there is less chance of the DBCST being starved of oxygen and the Pellets going out. Make sure the top vent is fully open as well.

    Smoke and heat output comparison between both the A-Maze-N and the DBCST.
    The DBCST puts out more smoke consistently than the A-MAZE-N.
    One of the issues I had with the A-MAZE-N for cold smoking was that it does put out a fair amount of ambient heat when burning pellets. The DBCST in the same location puts out less heat due to the closed in design and thicker gauge material used in construction. So for Cold Smoking the DBCST would be my preferred option.

    Pellet Burning time use - The A-Maze-N uses less Pellets (350gm) over a longer period of time than the DBCST. (I average 10 -12 hours)if I fill up all 3 lanes of the A-Maze-N. Out of a full tube (375gm) of the DBCST I get approximately 4.5 hours.
    In conclusion - when you want more smoke, on a shorter smoke time and cold smoking I would recommend the DBCST. For longer less intense
    smoke and a longer smoke period where you plan to leave your smoker unattended overnight I would go with the A-Maze-N.
    It all depends on the result you are trying to achieve, both have their good points.
    Which would I buy if I only had the choice of one? The Double Barrel Cold Smoker :)

See All 3 Customer’s Reviews