Everglades Heat (170g)


Just the right amount of hot spices to add zest to your chicken wings, chilli, fish or fries.

Includes red pepper so the more you add-the hotter it can get!

This is a spicy seasoning made with exotic Everglades grasses, red peppers and sea salt will add authentic Southern flavour and heat to your food.

This product is suitable for vegetarian and vegan cooking.

Product Reviews

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  • too good for your own good

    Posted by sanh on 4th May 2018


    I like my spicy spices and this works a charm! I might go thru a whole bottle very soon after just a few weeks! Mud crab partner !

  • awesome taste

    Posted by Trevor on 22nd Apr 2018


    not much i can say about this except it is loving goodness right there :)

See All 2 Customer’s Reviews