Everglades Rub (340g)


Smoked & Cured are proud to introduce to you this AMAZING rub.

Winner of several 'Best BBQ Rubs' in 2016 - a MUST TRY for any Low & Slow enthusiast in Australia.


Everglades "Rub" is a true southern sweet and spicy blend of spices developed to apply liberally on pork, beef, poultry, wild game and even vegan meats as a dry marinade prior to smoking, slow cooking or in-direct grilling.


This unique blend of sugar, southern spices and just enough salt with a pinch of heat has made Everglades "Rub" a favourite among Championship BBQ cooks. Start smoking with this mouth-watering blend today and make your BBQ award winning!


Product Reviews

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  • Awesome rub. Highly recommended!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2018


    Sweet and smoky! I can eat this straight off a spoon. Used it on baby back ribs and chicken and they were amazing. Comparing to other rubs in the market, good price for its size. Other rubs are terribly overpriced. Will buy again!

  • Great rub!

    Posted by Glenn on 4th Mar 2018


    If you like a little hint of sweetness & spice on your BBQ wings,ribs or steak, this is the rub for you. I use this rub solely on my BBQ now. You don't need anything else. The Everglades original all purpose seasoning is great on mash potato & corn on the cob. Do yourself a favor & buy a bottle of the rub & original seasoning. It's awesome.

  • Flavour, Flavour, Flavour!!!

    Posted by jjwaine85@gmail.com on 28th Jan 2018


    Excellent on wings and Pork Ribs. American Spice rubs at their best. All you can smell is this spice rub when you open the Pantry!

See All 4 Customer’s Reviews